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Gourmet Food Distributors was established in 1999.

Managed by a vastly experienced management team that have been involved in various food businesses, ranging from food manufacturing, through to restaurants, to end user supply, we have an intricate knowledge of all our customer’s needs.

Gourmet Food Distributors has grown on the back of our outstanding service levels and sound business principles. At the core of our company philosophy is our unwavering commitment to service excellence, and to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing quality, value and service. Values of integrity and trust are particularly important to our organisation, and are at the forefront of our relationship with our suppliers and customers.

As well as re-investing heavily in the company to stay ahead of our customers’ requirements, we have taken the strategic decision to align ourselves to the hospitality industry as opposed to the distribution industry.

Our dedicated group of enthusiastic employees are always eager to tender to all your catering needs. Accompanied with a Sales Team that are helpful, friendly, efficient and knowledgeable, and our constant competitive pricing, we are totally focused on your requirements and we offer you the widest range of specialised ingredients tailored to your specific needs.

We understand that your success equates to our success.



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